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Element Tattoo Supply Tattoo Kits 2 Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

2 Coil Grey Wash Tattoo Machine Kit

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(1) Liner Coil Tattoo Machines - Set up for you to do clean lines when tattooing outlines

(1) Shader Coil Tattoo Machines - Set up as a hard color packer yet capable to do soft power shading

(1) Power Supply - True Blue tattoo power supply to power your tattoo machines

(1) Foot Switch - Square foot pedal used to power on and off your tattoo machine

(1) Clip Cord - Standard clip cord this brings the power to your tattoo machine

(10) 30mm Cartridge style disposable tattoo tubes

(5) Push bars for your tattoo tubes and needles

(10) 5RL (Round Liner) Cartridge style tattoo needles

(10) 5RS (Round Shader) Cartridge style tattoo needles

(10) 5M (Magnum Shading) Cartridge style tattoo needles

(10) 7M (Magnum Shading) Cartridge style tattoo needles

(100) 10mm ink cups - Small ink caps for your tattoo ink

(100) 14mm ink cups - Large ink caps for shading tattoos

(10) Disposable razors - Prep the skin before placing your thermal transfer paper on to the skin

(5) Black Rolls bandage - Perfect you wrap your tattoo tube for comfort

(5) Thermal Tattoo Transfer papers - Tattoo transfer paper for transferring your tattoo drawing designs

(5) Practice Skin - 8.5 x 11 sheets of practice skin perfect for practicing your tattoo skills

(1) Adjustment toolset - Used to adjust your tattoo gun

(100) O-rings - makes your coil tattoo machine run smoother and less noisy keeping your tattoo needle stable during the tattoo process

(100) Rubber nipples - For the eye of your tattoo machine

(3) Stage grey wash ink set 1oz bottles Light, Medium, Dark Shades

(1) Nighthawk Black 1oz bottles of outlining ink

(1) White Tattoo ink for highlighting your tattoo 1oz bottle

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