Tattoo Kits

You curious about the tattoo industry and can imagine yourself making it as a professional tattoo artist, tattoo kits are great way to start if you have been looking for the best tattoo kit or combos, Every artist had to start somewhere right, in the beginning you would have to make it as an apprentice you will learn a lot about there is nothing worse than an artist who seems to be feeling their way through the process?

Our tattoo starter kits and professional tattoo kits are the first steps to not just creating art, but doing it with confidence. Our tattoo kits provide the essentials for getting to work safely. There's a sufficient supply of ink caps, tattoo machines, professional-grade ink, foot pedal, disposable tubes, a mini power supply, and even soap.

Element Tattoo Supply is the best place for affordable starter tattoo kits and supplies as well as professional kits each component of these complete tattoo kit. We're dedicated to making sure our customers have access to decades of hands-on experience. We want to share our knowledge with anyone and everyone who wants to excel at this craft. That means when you purchase our products, you can expect an operation that will meet the highest levels of standards in artistry. From minimizing discomfort to generating great tattoos, your customers will see that you strive to manage a safe and reliable production.