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Tattoo Machine RCA Cord Black Premium Cable

Tattoo Machine RCA Cord Black Premium Cable

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Tattoo Machine RCA Cord Black Premium Cable

This RCA Premium cable is 6 ft long and is used to connect any tattoo machine to your tattoo power supply to give power to your tattoo machine. Your tattoo machine must be clip cord compatible your power supply must have a mono plug female insert.

Designed for tattoo machines with an RCA cord connection.
Your power supply must have Mono 1/4 female plug insert

Tattoo machine RCA cord for any machine that uses an RCA connection and will work with any tattoo power supply that has a female mono plug connection, this RCA Premium cable cord only weighs 2.5 ounces and is 6 feet in length perfect or any tattoo station.

Color: Black
Tattoo Machine Connection: RCA
Length: 6 Feet Long
Wire Type: Silicone
Weight: Durable and 2.5 oz 

Connects to any tattoo machine with an RCA connection.