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Element Tattoo Supply Primary Cartridge Needles 11CM Curved Mag Long Taper Cartridge Tattoo Needle Box of 20

11CM Primary Cartridge Tattoo Needles #12 Box of 20

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11 Curved Mag Shading Primary Cartridge Tattoo Needles - Box of 20

Element tattoo cartridge tattoo needles are a simple way to Interchange from your grouping of tattoo needles from outlining to shading cartridge tattoo needles simplify the process when doing any tattoo with a Twist of the cartridge just remove it from your pen style tattoo machine or cartridge style tattoo tubes lightweight each cartridge tattoo needle has an imprint of the needle size on each cartridge allowing you to clearly sea witch tattoo your inner changing from without remembering Style cartridge tattoo needle this allows the ink not to flow up into your tube or pen machine keeping it sterile every cartridge needle is in its own blister pack and labeled with EO gas has an expiration date our primary cartridge tattoo needles come in a box of 20

  • Long Taper Tattoo Needles
  • Cartridge Membrane Style
  • Box of (20)
  • Size: #12
  • Diameter 0.35
  • Made of 304 medical stainless steel
  • Size, Lot, Exp. date are all printed on each tattoo needle blister packed
  • Each needle is a one time use and fully disposable
  • Sterilized with E.O. gases
  • *Compatible with any tattoo machine, the pen, and all major cartridge tubes that use the needle cartridge system