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Distance RCA Tattoo Battery Pack Wireless Tattoo Power Supply for tattoo pen machines

Element RCA Battery Pack Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

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Element RCA Battery Pack Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Wireless RCA Battery Pack Fully Charge can use for 9-10 hours of tattoo time allowing you to do small or larger tattoos for your clients, no more fighting with the clip cords or RCA cords, eliminating the use of clip cords covers.

  • Minimum Voltage 5.0V
  • Maximum Voltage 12.0V
  • Adjustable Voltage by 0.1V
  • The Up Arrow Symbol for Increasing the Voltage
  • The Down Arrow Symbol for Decreasing the Voltage Display
  • Shows Current Voltage with the Letter "V" on the Display
  • The Second Icon Shows Battery Percentage
  • The Third Icon Shows Time being used.
  • Once the battery pack powers off, The Time will automatically Clear.
  • About Every 3 Seconds, The Display Automatically Change From Voltage--->Battery Percentage--->Time.