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True Blue tattoo power supply for tattoo machines and artist by Element Tattoo Supply

Tattoo Power Supply True Blue

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A tattoo power supply is used to bring the power to your tattoo machine, Consistency with your power unit is vital for doing any tattoo. True Blue power supply by Element tattoo supply will handle your needs in tattoo power supply with having a consistent output of power to ensure your tattoo machine does fluctuate, it has a ten turn potentiometer to adjust the power threshold, Volts from 2 and high up to 18 volts allowing any tattoo machine. Coils to rotary and pen-style this tattoo power supply will be your daily driver.

Works with: Coil, pen, and rotary tattoo machines
Voltage: 2 Volts to 18Volts
Adjustments: 10 Turn Potentiometer
Connection With: Mono plug to RCA Cord or Clip Cord
Color: Blue and Black