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Tattoo Power Supply Bronc Digital for tattoo artist and their tattoo machines to power up

Tattoo Power Supply Bronc Digital

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Tattoo machines all need a power source with this Bronc tattoo power supply to enjoy the consistent power this unit outputs keep your tattoo machine running smoothly with power spurts, This package includes 1 digital power supply  1 power cord holder for tattoo power unit

Model: BRONC Tattoo Power Supply TPN-035
Display: LCD Digital
Input voltage: 90V-240V, AC50/60Hz.
Output Voltage: 3~18v
Output Power: 0.3-68W
Output Current: 0-3A, accuracy ± 0.1 A. Output current overload protection.
Operating Temperature: 5 ~ +45 ℃
Relative humidity 30%~75%.
Operating Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA

Instructions for BRONC Tattoo Power Supply TPN-035:
[Switch ON/OFF and START/STOP functions]:
1.When plugged into the power supply, press “POWER BUTTON" for 1 second to switch on, or another 3 seconds to switch off.
2.5 seconds press on the foot pedal to switch on when switching on, touch "POWER BUTTON" to start/stop the power.

[Adjust the output voltage]:
when switched on, touch "VOLTS+" "VOLTS-" to adjust the voltage output

[L/S & Foot Pedal Moodle]:
1.When switched on, touch "L/S BUTTON" switch to L/S model, when switch to L model, L be lighted, switch to model S will be lighted.
2.when switched on, press "L/S BUTTON" for 3 seconds to change the foot pedal model.
3.This machine offers two kinds of foot pedal mood, one is continuous output mood, another is inching output mood.