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Element Tattoo Supplies Medical Tattoo Supplies Green Soap 8oz Diluted (Pre Mixed)

Tattoo Tincture Green Soap 8oz Diluted (Pre Mixed)

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Are you curious about how to mix tattoo green soap, well we took the confusion out of mixing green soap by doing it for you pre-mixed 8 oz bottle of tincture green soap for any tattoo. Simply open and apply to your paper towel and use.

Green soap is used to prepare the skin before any tattoo, simply pour on a paper towel clean by wiping the skin, use a disposable razor shave all the hair approximately 2 inches around the actual tattoo design all baby hairs must be removed to ensure that the skin is sterile, even baby hairs can get the tattoo infected by doing this it also allows the thermal transfer paper design to be placed more evenly and solid. Tattoo pre-mixed green soap can be used during the tattoo wiping off all the excess tattoo ink and even after the process of tattooing to clean up your client. This product is already mixed and ready to be used.

  • 8 oz bottle.
  • Pre-mixed read ready to use.
  • Hospital-grade
  • Very convenient to use