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Element Tattoo Supply Medical Supply Concentrated Green Soap

Tattoo Tincture Green Soap (Concentrated)

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Cleaning the area of skin before you tattoo is key to ensuring the safe tattoo process, using tattoo tincture green soap to clean this skin is a standard safety measure.

Tincture green soap can be used to clean off the bacteria and sterilize the skin before any tattoo you can also use this before as a glide to shave the hairs off, during the tattoo process to see the area you are going to tattoo, and perfect for cleaning up the area when you have completed the tattoo.

Dilute this concentrated green soap 1 oz to each cup for long-lasting use of this concentrated tattoo green soap.

Can be used to place tattoo stencil onto skin.


  • Concentrated tincture green soap
  • Available sizes: 4oz and 8oz bottles