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Element Tattoo Element Tattoo Supply Medical Supply Black Disposable Medical Drapes 40 x 90

Black Disposable Medical Drapes 40 x 90

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One of the most and part did part of getting a tattoo done is making sure that you were clean and sterile with these large black medical drapes it will certainly do the job covering even the big tattoo beds, massage beds, and more

Keeping your tattoo equipment Clean sterile and safe is a must for any tattoo artist and their tattoo station, Ensuring the safety for not just the tattoo artist and tattoo shop but for future clients you may have not to mention the health department, Our black disposable medical drapes are used to cover and protect you tattoo furniture, Tattoo Armrest, Tattoo Chairs, Beds, Tattoo Stools, etc. anything thing in your station you need to keep clean from cross-contamination. Our black disposable drapes are extra-large measuring 40 inches by 90 inches with this size covering your tattoo table easily you can also cut them in half or in fours to cover smaller tattoo equipment.

Having a plastic coating there tattoo black drapes does not allow the liquid to get through whether it be liquids from green soap or ink and blood these drapes will protect your tattoo equipment, fully disposable after the tattoo session simply bundle it up and dispose of in it proper red biohazard trash bag.