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11 Round Shader Loose Low Profile Tattoo Needles - Box of 50

11RS Low Profile Tattoo Needles Box of 50

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11 RS Tattoo Needles | Low Profile 11 Round Shading Needles | 50-Pack

Showcase your skill with the Low Profile 11 Round Shading Tattoo Needle

As a tattoo artist looking for the best tattoo needles for smooth solid shading or color packing to do the job right, you need a Low Profile 11RS tattoo needle in your station. Perfect for creating super soft blending, shadings, and color packing, they are the ideal needles for clear traditional to detailed tattoo work.

Our 11RS tattoo needles are carefully crafted to allow you to do your best work without issue. That means better final tattoo designs and even happier clients.

Benefits of the Low Profile Needle design by Eddie Tana:

  • Prevents curving and flexing and improves stability due to the lower soldering
  • Stiffer needles for better color delivery and a smoother gradient to your clients’ finished work
  • Gets the ink under the skin in a consistent pattern
  • Crisp, clear lines and your ink flows smoothly
  • Less trauma to your clients’ skin for a faster recovery time
  • Perfect for solid colors, soft shading, and stick and poke art

11RS tattoo needles are designed for professional tattoo artists

In a side-by-side comparison of needles, you can clearly see that the 11RS Low Profile Tattoo Needles are superior to the rest. Professional artists prefer these needles for their durability, precision control, and consistent, on-point groupings.

They are just the right size for a clean, crisp shading every time. They are neither too thick nor too thin. And every needle is checked for quality control before packing.

  • 50-pack, premade, one-time use, disposable needles
  • Manufactured with 304 medical-grade stainless steel
  • Arrives individually packaged and sterilized (with EO gases)
  • Blister packed with expiry date clearly visible
  • Can be used with all coil and tattoo machines
  • Compatible with all tattoo tubes (aluminum, plastic, and or disposable) on the market
  • Traditional needle design with eye loupe on the bar

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