Tattoo Machines

Coil Machines depending on your preferences as a tattoo artist plays a vital role in choosing the right equipment.

As a tattoo artist, you might have a favorite in mind. Therefore, we offer many different styles of tattoo machines to choose from. Coil style tattoo machines are the most commonly used in the tattoo industry as they use tattoo needles on the bar or cartridge style tattoo needles.

The coil tattoo machine has two electromagnets that activate and deactivate constantly when the foot pedal is turned on Enabling the magnets, this allows the armature bar to push down. Once this happens, the contact screw will lose electric current this disable the attractions; this occurs rapidly and continuously during a tattoo. The tattoo needles to move up and down at a rapid pace to puncture the skin.

Pen Tattoo machine shaped like a pen giving you an ergonomic feel adjustable needles setting using a D.C. motor to power the device very quiet yet durable to push any tattoo needle for outlines or shading tattoos stroke length 3.5 recommended volts 5v to 11v with an RCA connection uses cartridge tattoo needles also can be used for cosmetic tattooing lightweight for comfort