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Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink

Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink used for tattoos on all types of skin very dark black
More about Nighthawk Black Tattooing Inks - Nighthawk Black Tattoo Ink When it comes to tattooing, there are many different colors that you can use. But, the most popular and most widely used tattoo ink is, of course, black ink. Whether it is getting the ideal shade or sharp and bold outlines, black tattoo ink is the go-to for most tattoo artists

Why do tattoo artist cover their tattoo equipment

Tattoo bottle cover for tattoo medical supplies
Tattoo medical supplies why do you need them - Cover your armrest, massage table, lamps, bottles, tattoo machines, clip cord take a breath and prep...

Tattoo power supplies

tattoo power supply for tattoo machines
Tattoo equipment uses power so a reliable and stable power source is a necessity in this trade. Tattoo power supply machines for tattoo machines will ensure a smooth session every time a client is being served

Element Tattoo Supplies Ink

Tattoo ink sets for professional tattooers around the world

To maintain a reputation of safe and sensitive tattooing, have an extensive color palette since most pigments are not produced by mixing the primary colors. You can buy this from us.

Why use Thermal Fax Purple Tattoo Transfer Paper

Stencil carbon copy paper for transferring tattoo designs to skin
Also known as thermal transfer paper or Thermal Fax Carbon Dito Paper, this particular paper comprises of four layers. The first sheet of paper is white and is where the design will be transferred on to......

More about tattoo needles tattoo tubes we love our tattoo supplies

Low Profile Tattoo Needles by Eddie Tana and Element Tattoo Supply
Tattoo equipment and tattoo supplies might confuse you here we explain a little about tattoo supplies from tattoo needles to tattoo machines

Common tattoo needle size grouping and use

3rl Element tattoo needles for tattooing line work
Shaders or liners are the perfect outcome of round needles relying on the placement where they grouped. Round needles are the one needle type that is soldered arranged and solder to needles bar in a circular pattern.

Horipenis Skin Markers 7 Pack - Element Tattoo Supply

Horipenis professional tattoo stencil skin scribe markers are designed for freehand tattooing or referencing specific parts of a tattoo.
Element Tattoo Supply x Horipenis

Body Piercing Products

Body Piercing Products
A conversation about body piercing supplies...

Body Piercing Products

Body Piercing Products
Okay, we’ll admit it: We focus a lot on tattoos at Element Tattoo Supply. Hey, what can we say? It’s in our name! However, piercings are a signific...

The history of Element Tattoo Supply

Logo for Element Tattoo Supply
History of Element Tattoo Supply Company