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Official tattoo Machines from Rotary to Coil machines. You will find everything that you would want for a great tattoo. We currently offer Bishop Rotary tattoo machines in RCA and Clip Cord connections. We also exclusively carry Bishop for Eddie Tana Rotary machines. Made in the USA, we proudly offer Element Tattoo Machines in mini and full size liners and shaders. Our machine selection also includes top brands Medieval Iron Tattoo Machines, Borg Tattoo Machines, Norm Will Rise Tattoo machines JH tattoo machines and many more. Please browse through our different brands to find your best fit and give us a call if need more information about any of our tattoo machines.
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RCA Wire Bishop Walken Paker Shader - Element Tattoo Supply Full size tattoo machine from element tattoo supply
Bishop RCA Cord
List Price: $24.99
Retail Price: $24.99

Bishop RCA Clip Cord 6ft
Medieval Irons Tattoo Machine Walker Shader Full Size Element Tattoo Machine - Shader
Mini Size Element Tattoo Machine - Shader
Mini Size Element Tattoo Machine - Shader
Tattoo Machines by the top makers in the industry including Bishop Rotary, Element mini and regular size liner and shaders made in the USA, Borg, JH and Element by Bishop Rotary . Not sure what you need or have any questions, please give us a call and a team member will gladly assist you!