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We carry professional and reliable high resistant tattoo coils, available in 8-wrap, 10-wrap and Baltimore Street Iron coils. The BSI coils are designed exclusively for the Baltimore Street Iron Tattoo Machines, but they can also be custom made to fit most tattoo machines. Our standard 8-wrap and 10-wrap coils are assemble with a 47UF capacitor that will make your tattoo machine more heat resistant. The Baltimore Street Iron Coils are available with a 22UF capacitor or a 47UF capacitor, which will give tattoo artist the option to use their tattoo machine as a liner or shader.
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Baltimore Street Iron "Money" Coils (Wired) - 1" - 47uf (Shaders) - Element Tattoo Supply
Baltimore Street Iron "Money" Coils Wired 1" 47uf Shaders
Coils & Motors