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The Sure Glide Tattoo tips are now here! Made of high grade autoclave-able plastic. With the Sure Glide Tip, the needle is guided perfectly along tip shelf. With its standard tip size, it's able to fit into just about any 3 piece grip tube set up to give the artist an easy and simple transition. With its natural surface, you are able to see the true color of your ink, no dulling of white or light colors! The Sure Glide Tip is able to eliminate the pitch and flutter which will get rid of the artist of having to adjust their rubber bands or adding more tension. Also no more white ink turning grey.
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Element cartridge disposable tattoo tubes Tattoo Grip - Primary cartridge disposable grip adjustable tube
Element cartridge disposable tattoo tube for tattoo machines. Adjustable grip/tube used for all cartridge tattoo style tattoo needles.
Primary grip for cartridge needles disposable adjustable click-crew on tattoo tube for tattoo machines.
Sure Glide Tips