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Eddie Tana's Low Profile Tattoo Needles

The Low Profile Tattoo Needles were designed by Professional Tattoo Artist Eddie Tana from Originally, these Low Profile Tattooing Needles were only available in Magnum sizes but because of the numerous positive feedback that Eddie has received from his tattooing buddies around the globe that he has sampled to them, he has then created his custom designed Tight Liner Tattoo Needles , Loose Shader Tattoo Needles, and even Regular round Tattoo Needles for traditional tattoo artists. These needles are made of long taper medical grade stainless steel. "I designed these needles the way I used to make them before Pre-made needles were developed. I was taught by the best on how to make the perfect grouping of needles, and applied my knowledge to these low pro tattoo needles and made them my way. It wasn't rocket science coming up with the low-profile tattoo needle. Through my many years of experience I know what makes a good tattoo needle and what makes a crappy one, so I came to element tattoo supply and asked them to create the perfect tattoo needle to my specific specs. I'm so glad they did, it makes tattooing a lot more fun and easier for me..... I am very proud to have them brand my name in the tattoo industry as the finest tattoo needles ever made!!! "Eddie Tana.."
  • Loose Round Shader Needles

    Low Pro Loose Round Shaders

    The Low Profile Loose Round Shaders, were designed with the best medical grade stainless steel to create a stiffer needle and avoid any curving or bending while tattooing. Our Low Profile Needles are what we like to call a traditional old-school needles that are easy to work with and at the same time less harsh on the skin.
  • Tight Round Liner Needles

    Low Pro Tight Round Liners

    Low Pro Tight Round Liners originated by a talent and  professional tattoo artist Eddie Tana from and founder of Element Tattoo Supply. The Low Pro needles are designed to have a shorter soldering, which prevent the needle from curving or bending easily ( stiffer), it's also less harsh on the skin and ideal to draw a straighter smoother line just in one run.
  • Curved Magnum Needles

    Curved Magnums-Low Profile Needles

    The Curved Magnums are the original Low Profile Tattoo Needles by Eddie Tana. Curved Mag needles are built with a unique arch shape that allows the needle to move easily around rounded areas and at the same time provided extensive penetration and solid fills. All of our Low Profile needles are made with the best medical grade stainless steel that produces a stiffer needle that will give satisfactory results each time, whether it's a big or small tattoo.
  • OG Magnum Needles

    Traditional Magnums-Low Profile Needles

    Traditional Magnum needle are built with the best medical grade stainless steel, making it's quality better than any other needle out there! Our traditional magnum are design to have a shorter solder producing a stiffer needle, that will make the ink go in easier and produce solid color fills and a smoother gradient. Eddie Tana Mag will also provide extensive penetration and less agony to the skin.
LowPro Tattoo Needles are available in various styles and sizes. Individually blister packed and sterile, our Traditional Mags are our most popular style of Low Profile Tattoo Needles.