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Professional Tattoo Inkjecta Machine

Inkjecta Tattoo machines are changing the tattoo industry one machine at a time. With new, reinvented features like a billet alloy-constructed frame with LED light activation and removable, interchangeable side bumpers and cam covers, tattoo artists are now able to perform with more control than ever before. The smooth and higher quality performance of Inkjecta machines is a key differentiating factor from other popular models on the market and is the reason why they are continuously growing in eminence across the world. Inkjecta utilizes a completely new custom Nano technology motor and moves away from the outdated motors used in previous models.

The new Inkjecta rotary tattooing machines also boast a state-of-the-art torsion drive system with three different push bars, which are soft, medium and hard, and a black Semi-Rigid drive bar. With so many new and amazing features, it is easy to see why so many seasoned tattoo professionals are making the switch to Inkjecta machines. Shop our premium inventory today and experience the endless design possibilities with Inkjecta Tattooing machines!

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Inkjecta Nano Titan Carbon - Element Tattoo Supply Inkjecta Nano Titan Carbon

Inkjecta Nano Titan Carbon

Retail Price: $659.99