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Cheyenne Safety Cartridges Liner
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Cheyenne Safety Cartridges 1-Liner - Element Tattoo Supply
Cheyenne Safety Cartridges 1-Liner individually sterilized and blister packed for immediate sterile use.

Cheyenne Hawk Round Liner Cartridges

Amazing tattoos all have to start somewhere, and here, they start with Cheyenne tight liner needles. Cheyenne round liner cartridges are state-of-the-art, high-quality, German-engineered disposable tattoo needles that are thoughtfully designed and precision machined to create the cleanest and most vivid tattoos. These needles are arranged to meet an artist’s specific needs and fulfills those needs with different needle sizes (1, 7 and 9-liners), giving artists the extensive creative freedom they need to constantly push themselves as innovative designers. From simple outlining, to filling in colors, these needles are versatile and easy to use on an array of different tattooing projects, big and small. These safety cartridges are also specially designed to prevent the ink from passing into the grip or traveling deeper into the machine. This makes it so you are able to use every last drop of ink and keeps your equipment from getting clogged and dirty.

Need another reason to be convinced? All Cheyenne needles come pre-sterilized, which saves you money and allows you to spend your time doing what you love – tattooing! Using these needles is as easy as it gets – either dip the running machine into a small pot of ink or fill the ink into the upper opening of the cartridge and you are all set! These disposable tattoo liner needles can be changed quickly and easily and allow for uncomplicated and safe working procedure. Shop our inventory of premium Cheyenne needles and see why they’ve been ranked highest among all tattoo supplies for over 10 years!