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Cheyenne Safety Soft Curved Bugpin Magnum Cartridges
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Cheyenne Safety Cartridges 27-Soft Curved Magnum Bugpin - Element Tattoo Supply
Cheyenne Soft Edge Curved Mag Tattoo Cartridge Needle 27 Bug Pin

Cheyenne Curved Bugpin Magnum Needles

The Cheyenne cartridge system has undeniably made its mark on the tattoo industry. And with Cheyenne curved bugpin magnum needles, itís easy to see why. These professional-grade, stainless steel, soft-curved bugpin tattoo needles are designed to enhance the elegance of any tattoo, whether itís big and complex or small and minimal. Smaller soft-edge mag cartridges are used to achieve more detailed line work than standard needles during a session and can give you the contemporary edge that will make your designs more eye-catching and awe-inspiring than ever before!

Due to the 9 Magnum Soft-Edge Bugpinís convenient design, you are able to change needles effortlessly within seconds, saving you the time and hassle of dealing with finicky tattoo machines. In the long run, being able to change needles so quickly will give you more time and freedom to work on your designs.

Proper sanitation is also something Cheyenne needles all have in common, and with tattooing, that is something that shouldnít be taken for granted. Each needle comes pre-sterilized and meets a series of stringent sanitary guidelines before being shipped for sale. With our wide selection of disposable Cheyenne Hawk cartridges, youíre able to maintain a high level of hygiene since each one of these cartridges is meant for single-use and can be thrown away immediately after its usage. With Cheyenne Cartridge Bugpin Soft-Edge Mags, itís possible to get quality at a price that wonít hurt your wallet. Browse our selection of premium Cheyenne cartridges and see why it is one of the leading brands in tattoo equipment worldwide!