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Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines are an American company Located in Orange county California owned by, Franco Vescovi who created the company and tattoo machine in 2009. Franco has been tattooing for 20 years and has been using rotary tattoo machines for over 14 years, making his first direct drive rotary machine 18 years ago with his older brother. He founded the company based on what he felt some traditional tattoo machines lack, and that was consistency, efficiency and power. Finally you can tattoo four hours without risking carpal tunnel syndrome or injuring your wrist due to its lightweight consistent low vibration feel. Many people who have wrist pain, Due to using heavy tattoo machines, are now able to tattoo pain free.

Now he brings all of his experience in machining and tattooing to create this machine and hired some of the best engineers to bring his ideas into fruition to give you an amazing rotary tattoo machine called ˝Bishop Rotary, Invented by a world-known tattoo artist, Franco Vescovi, in short, The Bishop Rotary is a legendary tattoo rotary machine built by a tattooer for the tattooers. Its been used by several of the best artists known in the tattoo industry such as Steve Soto, Jose Lopez, Dan Marshal, Tim Kern, Joe Capobianco and many many other top names.

The hype is real and this machine will change the way you tattoo for the better.
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RCA Wire Bishop 90 Degree RCA Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine - Beatnik Purple - Clip Cord - 4.2" - Element Tattoo Supply
Bishop RCA Cord
List Price: $24.99
Retail Price: $24.99

Bishop RCA Clip Cord 6ft
Bishop Rotary 90 degree RCA Cord. Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine Beatnik Purple Clip Cord 4.2"
Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines