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Arcane Tattoo Ink

Arcane Tattoo Inks is the revolutionary new line of tattoo inks created by Alla Prima. These high-performing Arcane pigments are free of acrylics and solvents which makes these inks especially body-friendly. Formulated with a micro-sized pigment load, these pre-dispersed tattoo inks pack a real punch and lead to brilliantly vibrant tattoos. Because of the thin consistency of the ink, they are widely recognized for their ability to heal quickly with a life-like vibrancy.

Made in the USA and created with only the highest standards. Opt for Arcane ink if you want a wide-range of bright colors perfect for newer styles of tattooing.

Professional grade tattoo inks made here in the USA ARCANE TATTOO INKS. From the same makers that brought you Alla Prima Tattoo Pigments.