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Tattoo Needles

Tattoo Needles that Element Tattoo Supply carries are all pre-sterilized in individual blister packs. We carry group styles of tattoo round liner needles (tight), tattoo round shader needles (loose), and tattoo curved magnum needles. Our professional tattoo needles are used by professional tattoo artists around the world and are highly recommended.
Low Profile Tattoo Needles
We are the only official distributor of Low Profile tattoo needles by Eddie Tana of OC Tattoo Inc
Assorted Needles Tight Round Liner Needles
Assorted Tattoo Needles are the way to go if you need a variety pack with different needles size. Assorted Tattoo Needles by Element Tattoo Supply is a great way to sample our needles as a variety pack.
Tight Round Tattoo Needles give a sharp line, our tattoo needles are consistent and makes your tattoo a lot easier.
Loose Round Shader Needles Magnum Needles
Loose Round Tattoo Needles can be used for bold lining, shading or coloring in small rose tattoo, Loose round liners work great for doing Kanji Tattoo...
Magnum Tattoo Needles complete the job in no time, For large or small tattoo our tattoo needles work great!
Curved Magnum Needles
Curved Magnum Tattoo Needles work great for large or small tattoos, find yourself not cutting up the skin.....
Element Tattoo Supply Needles are pre sterilized and come in individual blister packs keeping needles clean and safe without an autoclave. Element Tattoo Supply Needles come in various sizes and styles based on use for shading, lining and individual preferences. Not sure what needle to use? Give us a call and we will gladly guide you in the right direction.